Coupons & Referrals

To bring encourage users to join the Fuel On Blast ecosystem, a coupon system has been developed which allows VIP users to create coupons to be shared with creators. Coupons can be used to reduce the cost of the Minting Fee and or pay a portion of the fee to the referrer (at no extra cost to the creator aka referee).

When creating a coupon, the referrer has the choice of tweaking a percentages for the referral fee vs the discount. The sum of the two percentages must equal 10%. The referrer can also choose how many coupons to issue as well as which blockchain the coupon is valid on. Referrers can then share their created coupons with their friends (referee) and help them save money as well as generate the referrer money.

The team also have capabilities to create coupons with a referral or discount fee up to 50%, which will be used during promotional periods or for ambassadors.


User A (VIP) creates a coupon called "CODE123" with a 2.5% discount and 7.5% referral fee:

  • User B configures a token that would cost 0.3 ETH (0.2 ETH Base Fee + 0.1 ETH Feature)

  • User B applies the coupon code "CODE123" prior to deploying. The coupon equates to the following:

    • 2.5% discount = 0.3 ETH x 2.5% = 0.0075 ETH

    • 7.5% referral fee = 0.3 ETH x 7.5% = 0.0225 ETH

  • User B deploys the token and pays 0.2925 ETH (instead of 0.3 ETH), with 0.0225 ETH of the cost going to User A

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