Airdrop Points

FuelOnBlast will be launching an incentive program in the future to help spur activity on the platform for early adopters. This will be in the form of points awarded for volume generated on the platform as well as creating tokens that generate volume on the platform.

Reward distribution

Points are awarded to participants throughout the week. At the end of each week, $PAWS tokens are distributed proportionally to wallets based on the number of points they have accumulated.

How to earn points


Creators receive points passively when traders purchase their fueled tokens that include at least a buy tax.

For every 0.00002 ETH paid as buy tax on their fueled tokens, creators are awarded 1 point. Consequently, the amount of points awarded increases with the buy tax rate.


Traders earn 1 point for every 0.000001 ETH paid in buy tax on tokens marked with the PAWS logo. Similar to creators, traders receive more points when the buy tax is higher.

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