Staking $PAWS not only rewards the staker with more $PAWS tokens, it rewards them with a portion of revenue from the platform. On top of this, if a user's stake is 50,000 $PAWS or more they will be granted Temporary VIP access. To find our more about the benefits of being a VIP, click here.


How many rewards will be distributed?

15% of the total supply (150,000,000 $PAWS) will be available over a period of 540 days (~18 months).

How are rewards distributed?

3.215020576131687242 $PAWS are distributed every second (as long as there is at least 1 user staked) until the rewards run out.

Is there a lock-up period?

There is a lock-up period of 30 days upon staking. If you stake multiple times, each stake has its own lock-up period based on the time it was staked. You can however withdraw your position before the 30 day period however there is a 30% penalty, which will result in 30% of your stake being burned with the remaining 70% transferred to you. It is important to note that the early withdrawal burn penalty, does not contribute towards Lifetime VIP access.

How do I gain VIP access?

To gain Temporary VIP access via Staking, the user has to stake over 50,000 $PAWS tokens in total.

The exact number of tokens to gain Temporary VIP access may be subject to change in the future. Existing Temporary VIP users can rest assured if the threshold changes because the contract can only remove their access upon withdrawal.

What happens when the $PAWS rewards run out?

Once all of the rewards have been distributed, users will still continue to receive ETH rewards from the platform. You can still gain temporary VIP access by locking-up tokens. Alternatively you can burn tokens to receive Lifetime VIP access.

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